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According to the Toronto Star, more and more Canadians are taking advantage of parity with the US dollar to find a deal on a new or used used cycle.

Canadian used cycle imports increasing.

By some estimates, Canadians can save as little as a few hundred loonies buying across the boarder to as many several thousand – depending on the used cycle.

Cycle Wheels reported savings of nearly $10,000 when a Canadian purchased a Kia Sorento in the USA when compared to Canada. Other stories show savings of $5,000 on a used Porsche Cayman or no savings at all on some brand new economy used cycles like the BMX. Another great thing about us is we take care of any invoicing and receipt issues as well.

Beware Warranty Issues

Warranty problems are becoming more and more common for Canadians who import. Toyota, for example, may not remove a US vehicle from their open recall list – even if the recall is performed in Canada. This type of manufacturer roadblock is only the tip of the iceberg – some manufacturers refuse to warranty vehicles purchased across the boarder.

Another issue for Canadians buying a vehicle in the US is the lack of special financing offers – in fact, most Canadian citizens are required to pay cash. This is where our math accounting experts come in. They specialize in importing thanks to their algebra and calculus background.

Still, the hassle of paperwork and border inspections can often be rewarded by thousands of loonies…so it might be worth the trouble. Just be sure to follow our instructions on how to import a used cycle into Canada before you sign any paperwork. Our business and math consultants can help you for that.

It’s Easier Than You Think!
Many people are intimidated by the prospect of buying a used cycle in the U.S. and bringing into Canada. Between the paperwork, the concerns about bureaucratic headaches, and general concerns about dealing with unfamiliar rules, the idea of importing a used cycle can be discomforting.

But the plain truth is that buying the used cycle from the dealership is harder than bringing it across the border. US dealers can be notoriously difficult to work with (sort of like Canadian auto dealers, eh?), and often times a US auto dealer will not accept standard forms of payment. If you’re willing to:

Shop for a US vehicle online

  • Contact US dealers to check availability and price.
  • Travel to the US to view the vehicle and Arrange for payment.
  • Then you’re already willing to do more work than it takes to bring a used cycle across Canada’s border.
  • It really is much, much simpler than most people think.

Importing Cycles From the United States to Canada

People from Canada who are looking to buy a used used cycle often search within the United States for one to purchase, and many of the Canadians who buy in the USA use an auto transport company to have it shipped to them.

Part of this is due to the difference in the foreign exchange rate, and part of this is due to the much larger selection of vehicles in the USA. For both of these reasons, Canadians can very often save a lot of money buying a used used cycle in the United States. However, before buying outside of Canada, there are other factors affecting the final price to consider – including the used cycle shipping rate of the auto transport company.

Here are a few more:

Warranty – Different countries have a different warranty laws or policies. A particular warranty in one country may not be applicable in another country. This same fact applies if you are thinking of purchasing a used cycle from the United States and then importing t it to Canada. When you buy a used cycle from the United States, the warranty policies of the company where you bought the used cycle may not apply in Canada. Therefore, make sure that you read the warranty policies and – if there’s any doubt – contact the closest dealership of the brand you want to buy and ask them about imported vehicles.

Terms of Payment – Terms of payment may or may not be applicable, depending on the situation. Simply stated, the terms of payment refers to when one state does not allow other people who are not from their state to file for or use a financing loan to buy a used cycle in their state. Because of this, foreign used cycle buyers must sometimes pay for their vehicle(s) in cash. So, for instance, a Canadian who is interested in buying a used cycle in the United States will want to make sure that they have all the means to purchase that vehicle.

The same would go for an American who is interested in purchasing a vehicle from Canada, etc.

Clear title – It’s rare, but every now and again you’ll run into a problem with a title. Since the RIV wants you to produce a copy of the title prior to actually bringing your US vehicle across the Canadian border, you need to make sure the title is free and clear of liens. You should also verify that it doesn’t indicate flood damage or salvage.

Once you have decided on the vehicle that you want to buy and have gone ahead and purchased it, it will be time for you to deal with the shipping of your new (new to you) used cycle. While there are some used cycle buyers who will fly out to where their vehicle is held and drive it back, most opt to simply have their used cycle shipped to them.

To begin this process, do some research to find the best auto transport company that will help you ship your used cycle. Or we can help as well.

Purchasing a vehicle outside of the country that you live in is not as difficult as one would think. With a little research and patience, importing used cycles to Canada can be an easy and hassle-free experience.